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Exceptional Pearl

Heart-Shaped Natural Golden Color South Sea Pearl

Akoya pearl
Akoya pearl
Akoya Pearl
Akoya Pearl
Tahitian Pearl
South Sea Pearl Loose
South Sea Pearl
Heart Shaped Golden South Sea pearl
Exclusive Contract with Farm



about  Pearl


Nagahori Corporation (formerly known as Nagahori Pearl Co., ltd) was first established in June 1962.


For over six decades, we have been procuring the finest pearls from exclusive farms in Japan, Australia, Philippines and Tahiti. Working hand in hand with these partners, building and strengthening our business relationships, Nagahori is the definitive source of world class pearls, handpicked from the world’s oceans direct to our customers. Stability of fine quality supply makes Nagahori a global leader.

We take pride being the sole distributor of the extraordinary, world’s first Heart-shaped South Sea Pearls that further strengthen our uniqueness, standing above and apart in the industry.


With our extensive knowledge and fervent passion of Pearl, we continue to strive for perfection in design and presentation. With contemporary flare and also displaying the traditional elegance and magnificence of the stunning pearl.

<Hong Kong Office role>  

Having our parent company’s strong foundation, we Nagahori (HK) Co.,Ltd, as a wholly-owned subsidiary is also able to provide and export an extensive range of materials such as Pearls, machine chain, and other components for fine quality jewelry to both wholesalers and retailers in all Asian countries and the world.  

In response to recent market trends, our HK office is proactively developing our export business to China. Our Hong Kong office has both the expertise and resources to provide unparalleled “Made in Japan” quality especially Akoya pearl.

You are cordially invited to visit our office located in Tsim Sha Tsui East, any of the different Jewelry shows in Hong Kong, or one of our private shows for business discussion. Along with flexible service, experience and knowledge, Nagahori HK is your secret to have the success.

Please visit our instagram "" to get more inforamation.

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Japan Quality

To further the company's business footprint, we began to expand into the wholesale and retail of high end Jewellery. Under a number of brand names, Nagahori has become well known and respected in the Japanese retail environment and global wholesale market. 


Beginning with the desire to be the absolute best in quality control we have built 2 factories. One in Mobara City, Chiba and the other in Soma City, Fukushima, both are both 100% owned, controlled, and operated by Nagahori. Using precise production technology that was uniquely developed, our stringent quality control system is in the nation’s highest tier. 

Nagahori’s decorated designer team and highly skilled master craftsmen, work in harmony to create and produce upscale jewelry that is cherished by customers worldwide. Proudly labeled “Made in Japan”. 


We have the full capability of manufacturing jewelry in 10K, 14K and 18K yellow and white gold, platinum, as well as 925 Sterling Silver by casting and stamping. 

Through our global network of raw materials sourcing built up over decades from countries all over the world such as Belgium, Italy, Israel and India, we successfully procure a wide range of high quality yet cost competitive materials for our jewelry production. Brilliant diamonds, gem stones, turquoise, shell...etc., everything needed to produce a stunning product. 


ODM and OEM business models give us extensive knowledge of current market trends and environment.

These abilities distinguish us from the competition and differentiate us from the ordinary. 

We are proud to be continually recognized and respected not as ordinary, but an extraordinary, industry leading factory. 


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